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The Dream Of A Cowboy

Jeff has always wanted to be a cowboy. He loves all farm life especially horses, sheep and pigs. Over the last year Jeff has been working once a month at a Poultry Auction Barn and really loves it.


Jeff indicated that he wanted to work more, particularly on a farm. Compass Career Solutions and Jeff put a plan together and started looking. Within a month Gary, Jeff’s job coach found a wonderful opportunity at Mt. Capra Farms as a Ranch Hand. At Mt. Capra Farms Jeff gets to work three days a week. Jeff has many duties, including preparing the crops for harvest, feeding the goats, putting new bedding down for them and cleaning their stalls. When speaking to his co-workers they all said they love having Jeff around; he is an inspiration to them all and keeps them on their toes. When we asked Jeff what he liked about his new job, he said it’s a dream come true. Jeff thanked Compass for helping him find his dream job and said that Gary is the best job coach in the world!


Jeff, Ranch Hand aka the King of Cowboys!