A mother's determination despite her barrier proves to an employer she can be a great employee

When I was approved for supported employment through Compass Career Solutions, my life was so broken. I was living in the women’s homeless shelter with my two young daughters.  One is 7 years old & the other is a 1-year-old. We had been there 6 months and when my employment consultant called me to let me know I was approved, I just couldn’t make it to the Compass office in Kennewick without me and my girls going hungry all day. 


When I explained to Eliza that I had no car, and my only transportation was the public bus, I would not have time to go to the office and be back in time to eat lunch at the shelter at noon.  When you miss lunch at a shelter, you have to wait until 6 p.m. to eat again, so that means me and my youngest daughter would not eat.  


Eliza without hesitation said no problem, if you are at the shelter now, I will go to you and take the paperwork with me to get your intake done and get started looking for a job. I was so happy she came to me and we filled out the paperwork. We talked about where I would like to work and Eliza saw it was close to noon and ask if she could take me and my daughter to the men’s shelter to eat lunch?  I instantly felt like Eliza was caring and listened to what I wanted to do, it was a positive turn at that point in my life, and it felt very nice. 


Within a month, when I received my income tax check, I bought a car and was now mobile and able to move around a lot better.  I then heard the worst news a mother could hear, that I had to leave the women’s shelter within a week.  My time had run out, I had to leave.  I reached out to my case manager, my housing consultant Amy, and Eliza my employment consultant to ask for advice on what to do?  All three communicated with each other and came to the shelter to have a meeting with my shelter manager, and pleaded for me and my daughters to stay.  They had no luck.  


That Friday morning I had to leave with nowhere to go.  I was so stressed out, but Eliza spoke with the HR manager at Pasco Processing.  By the end of that day, the manager had sent Eliza an offer letter, which turned out to be a greatest blessing because with that job offer, HRC was able to house me and my two daughters in a shelter.


I can now say I have been working at Pasco Processing since the end of April. I started as a packer (utility), and now I am a tote scaler with a set shift.  Eliza my Compass employment consultant has been a great blessing, and I am glad to be given the chance to prove that I can be a great employee, and it feels good moving up due to my good work. 


Compass Career Solutions has been a blessing to me and my girls. I always get treated as an equal, and feel so respected.  I would recommend and have been recommending this company to all my acquaintances, family and friends. Thank you!




Rubi, Tote Scaler, Employed 9 months

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