happy to be back at work

In February of 2020, Compass helped Barry get his first community job as a Kitchen Utility Worker. Angela, one of his Employments Specialists, was supporting him to learn and excel in his new position. Unfortunately, the position ended in April due to the pandemic.

In February of this year, Barry let us know that he felt comfortable looking for work again. Throughout the pandemic, he had continued to ask when he could go back to work as a Kitchen Utility Worker. The position wasn't available yet, but Employment Specialist, Angela put his application forward for a Sanitation Technician position at the same athletic apparel brand headquarters in Beaverton. Barry did a working interview so that he could show his future supervisor what he's capable of. They were thrilled to bring them on their team to sanitize various surfaces in multiple office buildings on campus. His work is essential to their goal of bringing their employees back to work on campus safely.

Barry has been at work for three weeks and loves his job. Being able to continue with the same Employment Specialist has made the training process go even more smoothly. When he arrives, Barry gets right to work; his enthusiasm is contagious! After a year spent mostly at home, Barry enjoys being a valued member of his team.