learn some Job Search skills

Compass Oregon is excited to contract with Vocational Rehabilitation this summer to offer two free 6-week online courses to job seekers across Oregon. Any Vocational Rehabilitation client is welcome to sign up.

Interviewing Skills will teach job seekers to identify a variety of types of interview questions and practice how best to answer. They will practice how to interview on a variety of online platforms in case they are offered a virtual interview. The class will explore how to reflect on skills, experience, goals, and proficiency and how to describe these to employers. Lastly, each job seeker will receive a skill and experience summary sheet to reference during interviews.

Workplace Culture and Self Advocacy will explore what makes up culture in a workplace. The class will talk about the signs of a positive and healthy work environment. Job seekers will learn to identify healthy versus inappropriate workplace conversations. They will also learn about employee rights and how to identify and respond to bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

These classes will be taught by Kelsey Kline, CESP. Kelsey has been with Compass for over 4 years and has worked as an Employment Specialist for over 3 years. Through the pandemic, they have continued to engage job seekers in virtual classes. Their experience teaching through an online platform will allow them to bring this content to job seekers across Oregon.

We're so excited to have this opportunity to develop this essential curriculum for job seekers. We are hopeful that we will be able to reach job seekers in more rural areas of Oregon, who may not otherwise have access to employment classes. We also expect to be able to continue to offer this and other topics in the future!

If you are interested in these classes for yourself or someone you know, please contact Kelsey at kkline@careersbycompass.com.