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Compass Spokane has an incredible Community Inclusion Team! They have been working hard to assure that each of the people supported stays occupied in this time of home isolation due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


This incredible team has put together isolation packets for each person in their program to help them stay busy and provide an uplifting change of pace. Some of the captivating resources include; adult coloring pages, craft activities & supplies, word search puzzles, sensory items, reading and picture books, CDs, photo albums, DVDs, cooking recipes, at-home scavenger hunts, Bingo and Yahtzee cards, plus much, much more. These wonderful CI Specialists have been happily dropping them off on doorsteps or mailing them out weekly.


Renata a Compass CI Specialist expressed, “As a retired nurse who worked in the field of Alzheimer's, Geriatrics, and Psych for over 30 years, I have a deep professional understanding that it is crucial to keep all minds stimulated and active for quality of life purposes. This is important not just during this pandemic, but at all times in a person’s life.”


They have also been providing weekly social distance check in’s with the people they support. During these meetings, they have done virtual museum tours, gone on walks together while talking on the phone, watched music videos to sing and dance together, participated in live virtual concerts, taken online art classes, as well as collaborated with their circle of supports and to find more activities that each person will enjoy.


Marsha a Compass CI Specialist shared, “I have been online finding numerous projects for everyone to do such as; Zoom meetings of Art Classes for a person I support who loves to paint and misses going to her weekly art class. Another person I support loves vintage cars, so I put together a photo album for him of vintage cars that I found online and included pictures of him at a car show.”


Just this week, one of the amazing people that the Spokane Community Inclusion Team supports had a birthday. The local CI Specialists all got together in their masks and made vibrant Happy Birthday signs. They also decorated the company vehicles with balloons and streamers for a drive-by birthday celebration. He was so happy and so was the team! Dawnyia the CI Lead said, “I loved to see the huge smile across his face and to hear his contagious laughter as we all slowly drove by.”


Christopher a relatively new CI Specialist said, “Working for CI, especially Compass as a whole, you begin to get an understanding of how much the staff cares about their clients. I'm excited for when the community opens up and we will be able to take the people we support out and help them resume their lives!"


Compass Career Solutions LLC could not ask for a more dedicated, innovative, and loving team then we have right now. A special thank you to each of our staff!! Keep up the great work!!