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Compass Heroes: From the Streets to Self-Sufficiency

Before Curtis came to Compass Career Solutions in late October of 2019, he had been living on the streets and addicted to heroin. He had been clean for seven weeks with help and counseling from a local treatment facility. Curtis was determined to change his life around, he wanted more. So he signed up for Compass Employment Services. Curtis and his Job Developer, Jill met a few times and discussed career opportunities as well as drafted up a resume.

A few weeks in, he stopped responding to Jill’s phone calls and emails. With great perseverance, Jill continued to reach out to Curtis and leave him messages that there were many job opportunities and he has great capabilities. In Jill’s heart, she knew he had the ability to do amazing things. One day in January, after multiple attempts and never giving up, Curtis answered Jill’s call! They scheduled an appointment and he came right in, Curtis was very involved when he returned. He shared he had recently gone through a tough time of depression and life was very heavy. Together they continued working on job development and within two weeks he had multiple interviews and choices for his future. In his first interview he was denied the position, but the hiring manager liked him and said he was full of potential. She shared this position was not a good fit but when another one becomes available, she would reach out. Three days later, Curtis had an interview at another facility. Curtis waited for hours to get in because so many people had applied. He was a perfect fit for this position and they hired him on the spot! He even started the next day.

With his ability, tenacity, and dedication in this position, Curtis was offered a huge promotion after only three and a half months. Curtis prevailed! Curtis is very thankful for the continuous support from his family and Compass Career Solutions.

Curtis, Compass Career Solutions Employment Client