Courage and dedication to his family gave Garrett the drive to turn his life around

After seven years of heroin addiction, chronic homelessness, and a life-threatening overdose where Garrett was luckily brought back to life after his heart stopped beating for 30 minutes, Garrett knew it was time for a change. Garrett is a caring family man who was struggling greatly with his addiction and admitted himself into treatment. Upon graduation of his services, Garrett was referred to the Foundational Community Supports Employment Program at Compass Career Solutions.


With a young family to support Garrett was eager to meet with his Employment Consultant, Tami Petersen, not just for a job but a career path. With the support of Tami and an unrelenting drive for success, he obtained employment within a couple of weeks at McDonald’s. Garrett shared, “I am happy! This program has changed my life, I’ve also become more motivated because of the program and support at Compass.”


Garrett has a future goal of purchasing a house and beginning a career in construction. He fully believes with the help of Compass Career Solutions, he can achieve anything.  “I believe that Compass can help me with these goals because they have helped me come so far already.”