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Megan began her journey with us at our Yakima office in February of 2019 through our Foundational Community Supports (FCS) program. When Megan enrolled in our program, she was struggling with balancing life and finding the right job that met her needs. In time, the Yakima Team was able to find Megan a job that checked all her boxes, and was able to say goodbye to the other three jobs she had. In December, Megan received a job at Dairy Queen as a crew member. Megan worked very hard at Dairy Queen and with the right coaching was promoted to Night Manager in just a couple of short months! At the time of her employment at Dairy Queen, Megan was able to gain the skills needed to progress in her career. In July, an opportunity presented itself to Megan. Through her experience at Dairy Queen and receiving recommendations from Compass, Megan was able to become a Team Leader at Jack in the Box. Today, Megan is still striving to be the best she can be and the best Team Leader at Jack in the Box.


During the time of trying to find a job placement that fit Megan's needs, she was facing another battle with mental health and homelessness. Megan was living at the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) a transitional facility that helps individuals that need a home from March to April in 2019. Unfortunately, when Megan had to leave the YWCA she found herself homeless, couch surfing, and sleeping in her friend's cars. Since Megan was in our FCS program and found trust in our program, she felt it was time to let the Yakima team know about her situation and help her find housing. During the time to find her housing and gaining work experience, Megan struggled on balancing the two, but with our guidance, she was able to learn how to manage life and a job. In April of this year, Megan was officially placed in permanent housing and now lives in a one-bedroom/bathroom unit.


Megan's dedication to always strive to do better and getting job coaching from our FCS program has allowed her to successfully balance work at Jack in the Box and live responsibly. Megan has not only gained her life back but she has also been able to obtain a vehicle and get her driver's license back!