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I started services with Compass Career Solutions in 2018. Compass was helping me with Independent living skills and Job development. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was no longer eligible for services with Compass. I could not find anyone else that could provide me with the time and dedicated services that Compass did. I started spiraling and not making the best of decisions. I suffered from some life-altering events that affected me mentally and physically and started to suffer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

One day things took a dramatic turn. I was with my grandparents at the senior center and I happened to turn around and there stood Jan from Compass. I greeted her with a huge hug and felt a bit of comfort. I filled Jan in with everything that has been going on over the last year. In a nutshell, I was unemployed, homeless and really at the end of my rope barely hanging on. Jan explained a new program called the Foundational Community Supports that helps with supported housing and employment. I was excited! “When do we start”? We filled out the assessment and on October 21st, 2019 my approval came in. Compass called me and we made an appointment on Friday, October 25th to fill out paperwork. The race was on, this is my chance! That same day I interviewed for a pipe insulation company and was offered a full-time job! I started my job that following Monday. While the work is very physical, I am getting used to it and I feel like a valuable member of the 5-man crew that I work with.

My paychecks started coming in and I started to save for my deposit. My next goal was to get a roof over my head and out of the cold. It’s really important to me to be near my grandparents so Jan and I focused around the area for the mobile home park that my grandparents live in. Buying a home is one of my dreams and I know it going to take lots of dedication to my job and saving. For right now I just needed something to keep me warm and dry.  Thanks to Compass and Jan’s research and dedication, by November 27th I found a temporary fix to my housing crises. I was given the opportunity to own my own trailer and stay in the same 55 and older park with my grandparents close to me. Jan called the owners of the park in California and talked to managers and we were able to get around the rule of 55 or older. I then put the trailer in my name paid my deposits. I am now housed! The next goal is saving for a car and saving for a house. “It was a great opportunity to get help when I needed it. Things went very fast and it was beneficial in getting me stabilized. I would recommend working with Compass”. For many, this may not be the best life, but it’s my life. Thank you Compass!


Nicholas, Production Assistant, Employed 3 months

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