A Fresh Start in a new home

Kathleen joined Compass in January and was assigned to the supporting Housing Consultant, Jacqueline. She had recently lost her long-term job in Florida and was struggling with her anxiety/depression disorder which was exacerbated by the pandemic, when she realized she needed a change. In search of a new start she decided to move from Florida to the Tri-Cities to be closer to her brother.


At first, Kathleen stayed with her brother until she found a place and she rented a room with the monthly income from her unemployment. This was a good choice for a while until the landlord decided at the end of the lease to rent the units as an entire home instead of per room. 


She was once again in search of housing but this time her unemployment was about to be terminated which caused a huge barrier in her case. Compass staff encouraged her to not lose hope and she would get through this with their support. They were able to find her a private landlord who was willing to rent out a basement which was a one-bedroom apartment with her own entrance, bathroom, and fridge. The only thing she would have to share would be the washer and dryer and kitchen with the rest of the tenants. 


Without Jackie’s assistance Kathleen would have had to give up her longtime friend and emotional support, Isabella the cat, and live in the women’s shelter. Kathleen’s anxiety over the whole move and her feelings of desperation were alleviated by Jackie’s consistent intervention and support. She followed up with new listings and even translated for her when the landlord’s first language was Spanish! In fact, the whole reason she was able to get the basement apartment is that Jackie called her about a new listing on Craigslist about a room that was less than 16 hours old.


So this is both Jackie and Kathleen’s story. Because without Jackie there might not still be a Kathleen.