Kennewick Success Stories

With the help of compass career solutions

a career was made

I started with Compass in October 2018, with my employment consultant Eliza. When I first came in I believed I was going to get a job that I have been asking for,  a Monday thru Friday sit down office job.  Eliza heard me out and said that if we worked as a team that we would be able to accomplish what I wanted to do.  We applied for jobs that I had my eyes on and with the help of Eliza all the jobs were I thought I couldn't apply to were in my reach.

A mother's determination despite her barrier proves to an employer she can be a great employee

When I was approved for supported employment through Compass Career Solutions, my life was so broken. I was living in the women’s homeless shelter with my 7 year old and 1 year old daughters. We had been there 6 months and when my employment consultant called me to let me know I was approved, I just couldn’t make it to the Compass office in Kennewick without me and my girls going hungry all day. 

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An Employer that puts people before pizza

Describe the company’s most successful practices to recruit individuals with disabilities.


MOD Pizza demonstrates its philosophy to diversify the workplace by putting people before pizza in the hopes of creating a positive social impact in their employees and their community. The most successful practice to recruit and diversify is to connect and communicate regularly with supported employment vendors such as Compass to fill vacancies.

self-confidence = success

Rebecca began her journey with Compass Kennewick in January of this year through our Foundational Community Supports (FCS) program. When Rebecca first started working with us in our program, she was having a hard time getting back into the workforce.

Employment Goals Achieved!

Danny has been with Compass since November 2018. He has had numerous temporary positions the past few years, none of which have lasted more than a month or two. In August of 2020, Danny met with his employment specialist to discuss finding a position he will enjoy and keep for more than three months.