With the help of compass career solutions a career was made

I started with Compass in October 2018, with my employment consultant Eliza. When I first came in I believed I was going to get a job that I have been asking for,  a Monday thru Friday sit down office job.  Eliza heard me out and said that if we worked as a team that we would be able to accomplish what I wanted to do.  We applied for jobs that I had my eyes on and with the help of Eliza all the jobs were I thought I couldn't apply to were in my reach. I wanted to have an office job because I was a Veterinary assistant and went to college for it since it was my dream job. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked and got into some bad habits and believed that I could get away with writing myself prescriptions from the Veterinarian that I was working for.


After some time I was caught and charged with a drug charge. I was so embarrassed and ashamed since I have never been in trouble, I have never even received a speeding ticket and now I have this huge drug charge facing prison time.  With the help of my family and my lawyer, I was able to participate in drug court for a year and if I attended all my court hearings, took drug tests, alcohol classes and did not get in any legal trouble, I would be cleared of any prison time and my charges would be reduced. I am happy to say as of August 2019, I completed my year and am cleared of my charges.

I couldn’t have pulled ahead without the help of Compass Career Solutions.  Eliza found me jobs to apply for tirelessly until I stopped communicating with her for about 2 weeks. I decided to go on my own to find jobs and was denied one time after another. After all the denials I was defeated and came in to meet with Eliza again and said please I will take any job, I am not going to be picky anymore, I just need a paycheck so I can pay my court fees, eventually move out of my parents’ house and live on my own again. Eliza heard me out and with no hesitation found me a job, this is why Compass Career Solutions is so amazing. They will always help you on your journey no matter what you do.

Within a few days, Eliza had sent my resume out and set me up with an interview with Carlos at Pasco Processing. I went and he offered me the job as a ticket writer the next day and I accepted the position. I went to the orientation that same afternoon and started working two days later. I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined working at a food processing plant but to my surprise, Eliza found a great fit for me! I get paid well, work well over 40 hours a week, I am valued and appreciated, love my supervisors and have been moving around in different positions to gain a great position. As of July 1st, 2019, I am the packaging supervisor and I am close to being here a year and look forward to continuing to grow with this company. I was told by my lawyer that I could apply for my license to work with Veterinarian again but for now, I am enjoying life and getting bigger paychecks than I was before, I also live on my own and am able to pay all my bills and even plan to take a vacation very soon.

Thank you Compass Career Solutions and Eliza. I would have never opened up my circle of finding employment where I am today and I have never been happier.




Cari, Food Processor, Employed 1 Year

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