hope for the future

My name is Kippi and I’m excited to start my new life with the help of Compass!

Before I met with Compass I was homeless for over two years. I was basically living in a sleeping bag on the street. I was always cold and I always needed an extra blanket and never had one. I mostly slept under the overpass—because it never rained there—but it was also really loud and noisy with traffic. I thought that I would be living on the streets or in a group home for the rest of my life.

But then I found Compass.

My Supported Housing Case Managers, Joe and Shelly never gave up on me and they gave me hope. I was recently hospitalized and lost my phone. The only number that I had memorized was for Compass, because I would talk to them almost every day. If they hadn’t answered their phone, I would probably be back on the streets right now.

Now I have the keys to my own home! I feel like I can start all over again and be a new person. I have plans to enroll in college and take general education classes so I can get a job.


Joe and Shelly have been an inspiration to me and I’m so excited to start living my life again.