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An Employer that puts people before pizza

Describe the company’s most successful practices to recruit individuals with disabilities.


MOD Pizza demonstrates its philosophy to diversify the workplace by putting people before pizza in the hopes of creating a positive social impact in their employees and their community. The most successful practice to recruit and diversify is to connect and communicate regularly with supported employment vendors such as Compass to fill vacancies.


Describe the organization’s practices to retain and advance individuals with disabilities in their workforce and in their management teams.


Specifically, after four weeks of beginning employment, our client broke his foot in a non-work related event and MOD Pizza secured his position until medically cleared to return to work. He now has resumed work with an increase in hours and duties.


Describe the organizations’ practices to involve employees with disabilities in the informal/social aspects of the workplace culture, fostering natural supports, and creating an inclusive environment.


MOD Pizza personalizes team member’s experience by learning about the individual, including cultural and personal values. MOD respects the differences in team members and promotes team lunches through friendship, music and food. MOD allows our client specifically to exercise his friendly disposition and great memory by memorizing customer names and pizza orders when greeting