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Compass helped me believe my backbone was made of steel and my heart of gold

I am a single mother of young children, and this is my story. My story began with the birth of my most recent infant. I was living in a hostile environment with the father of my children. I don’t recall how the relationship became toxic, but I do remember the lack of respect I received, the insults, and the emotional and physical pain. At one moment I felt so hopeless I was beginning to accept my destiny questioning my own sanity- “Is this what I want in my life?”. 


Until one morning I woke as I thought back to a moment of my life where I was truly happy and I realized I deserved better. One day I packed my bags and decided to leave the abusive relationship I was in. I stayed under the safety of one of my close friends. She and her husband helped me transition into being a single mother and become more responsible for the sake of my children. I became more aware of my actions as I had fears of my abusive ex-partner finding me. 


As a result, my friend recommended Compass Career Solutions to help me focus on housing and employment services. Since enrolling in Compass my life has taken a 180-degree turn and I feel I am in control of my future again. Compass has assisted me in community navigation to get me to the services I needed such as permanent housing support, state assistance for my family, employment opportunities, and most of all the confidence I once lost in the abusive desert. 


Fast-forward I am now receiving stable housing and live independently with my children in a more positive environment and have left behind the dark past that once clouded my future. Compass really was the compass that helped me find my way out of the treacherous forest.

A quote I would recommend to single mothers out there:  “Compass helped me believe that my backbone was made of steel and my heart of gold”