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Compass Career Solutions would like to introduce everyone to an amazing individual, Jeff. His story starts several years ago when he decided that he wanted more for himself and his family. He got the courage to go back to school and earn his high school diploma. Jeff was so driven at that point that he decided not only to get his high school diploma but to continue and complete his AA degree in early childhood education. He found great joy in working with children and making a difference in their lives and knew what he wanted to do. The barrier standing in his way was finding the right employer who was able to look past the lack of paid experience and see the drive, motivation, and knowledge that he had to offer.


Jeff read an article in the local newspaper about Compass and our work in the Foundational Community Support (FCS) program. He was curious if we could help and decided to reach out to the team. He told Compass staff about the struggles that he had faced as well as the accomplishment of completing his education. Jeff expressed how much he wanted to find a place where he was able to help and feel a sense of purpose. He also wanted to work in a community of other professionals that shared his passion.


Jeff met with Compass staff, Ryan, shortly after sending the email to complete the FCS Employment assessment. Two things became apparent at that meeting: 1. Jeff was a very qualified individual that truly cared about helping others and 2. This was a man that employers weren’t giving a chance and the rejection was taking its toll on his self-esteem.


Jeff continued to work diligently with our staff to find the right employer. Our staff assisted him with practice interview skills, how to approach employers, and prepped him for in-person interviews. Through several job interviews and a bit of paid experience, Jeff was able to find that employer that saw his gifts and what he could contribute. Jeff received a job offer for a part-time position working with the Longview School District as a para-educator. Today, Jeff is still in that position and he loves the work that he can do.


Over the past year, it has been amazing to get to see him on this journey. From all of us at Compass, we are so proud of you Jeff, and all you have accomplished!