Kim has been working as a Job Coach at Compass Spokane for 5 years. Her job is to make sure the people she supports are learning and completing their job tasks. She always goes above and beyond to help those individuals succeed at whatever job they have. Whether that means coaching late into the night with someone that just landed an after-hours janitorial position or working weekends with a person that just started at Home Depot. Kim does her job with a smile and positive attitude that resonates with the people she serves. Several of them have mentioned to her Employment Lead, Doug, Kim is the best coach they have ever had. She is there with them whenever they need her and always gives them the support to be successful.

To become stronger in her position, Kim wanted to pass the Certified Employment Support Professional test and become CESP certified, but she suffers from serious anxiety when taking classes and tests. After applying for the CESP certification, she worked with her fellow staff and director to prepare and gain the courage to feel prepared for this much desired certification. Kim told us, "I needed to prove to myself that I can get certified as a CESP, so I can continue to make a difference in the lives of the individuals that we work with."

After passing her test, Kim came into the Spokane Compass office and told us the wonderful news! Horns were honked and cheers were heard throughout hallways from all of the Spokane team. Not only was Kim extremely excited that she was now a true CESP, the whole company was as well! Even the CEO, Robert Efford, celebrated and said, "We're thrilled that Kim has broken new ground for Compass as our first of many CESP graduates in Spokane!"

Kim is a huge inspiration to her fellow staff and the individuals that she works with.

Congrats Kim!