The support of co-workers lands Compass client the job of his dreams at Taco Bell

At the age that most folks are starting to think about retirement, Eli couldn’t stop talking about getting a job. He wanted to work in fast food and make his own money. He knew that he could be a hard-working, reliable employee. Eli had previously worked for a long time in a sheltered workshop, but it had been years since he had any type of paid work. He occasionally had trial work experiences at a few restaurants but being an official member of the team and making a paycheck was really important to him.


Eli began working with Compass toward his employment goals. Since he can be very difficult for new people to understand, his ISP team knew that the traditional apply/interview process was not going to work for Eli. Employers needed to see his work in action. During his Discovery process with Compass Career Solutions, one of his work experiences was at Taco Bell. The manager there was so impressed with his work and can-do attitude that he reached out to Liz, Eli’s Employment Consultant. A month later, Eli started his job as the Café Attendant 3 mornings per week.


Compass completed an environmental assessment to help Eli prevent falls by putting his supplies where they were easier to reach. Eli quickly learned his job and came to work consistently on time and ready to work. Taco Bell has a few morning regulars who always look forward to seeing him. They’ve commented to Eli and his Employment Consultant on how hard he works. One regular customer experiencing unemployment reflected that Eli’s work ethic and positive attitude has inspired him to get back to his job search.


As the Café Attendant, Eli’s the first person most coworkers see when they come into work. His coworkers share that they love the positive tone Eli sets.


While Eli loved his job at Taco Bell, he continued to tell his new Employment Consultant, Josh that he wanted to work more. Josh looked for jobs needing more attention, such as parking lot clean up and dishes. Josh helped Eli demonstrate that he could take on these tasks and his supervisor added a day to his schedule. Eli has started learning how to wash dishes and expects to add a fifth day to his schedule soon.


Eli is such a positive contributor to the work environment because, when he greets people, he is genuinely interested in what they have to say. As he puts it, “I would rather be happy than mad.” He also is willing to accept feedback. He says, “If you can make it wrong, you can make it right!” Eli said that he wants, “to make people feel good” by saying, "Goodbye! Come back!" to every customer he can. He wants to make people smile. And he definitely does.

Eli, Café Attendant, Employed One Year