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A dedicated staff help achieve a clients dream

Tiffany had a housing subsidy to help her pay rent however due to barriers to qualifying for housing, she was living in her car and the women’s shelter. She came to Compass with the drive to get back on her feet and with the help of her team; she set goals to secure employment and locate safe and affordable housing. As time went on, Tiffany was proactive and engaged in services weekly with her Employment Consultant Sonya and Housing Specialist, she did not give up after hearing she was not a good match from employers or traditional options for housing, Tiffany and her team kept moving forward.

After many attempts to secure housing independently using her subsidy, Compass Housing staff advocated with a local property management company detailing case management services and other benefits. Tiffany received an anonymous donation for her application fee the only missing piece. She applied for the apartment she had her heart set on, after a few days of advocating and negotiations, Tiffany filled out the application and was approved for her dream apartment!

Compass employment staff worked with the business community to identify employment options matching Tiffany’s preferences and conditions for employment, after interviewing for two different positions she accepted a cashier position at Grocery Outlet a local retail market within walking distance from her home. “I feel blessed every day for the opportunity to work with Compass to help make this dream happen for me and to see where my life and God takes me,” she says.

-Tiffany, Grocery Outlet, Compass Career Solutions FCS