Meet Waymond: From Unemployed to Essential

My name is Waymond Turner and I was working within the foodservice industry right before COVID – 19 hit our area of Eastern Washington. Thankfully I was referred to Compass Career Solutions. Struggling to find meaningful employment, Cathy Metz a staff person from Parent to Parent went into Compass to gain information regarding helping me find a full-time year-round secure job. During a conversation with Director Dianna Baker and Eliza Hernandez Employment Consultant, Cathy was pleased with the information explaining the Foundational Community Supports Employment Program. Cathy left to pick me up and brought me back in within the hour to sign up for services.


I was approved and came in right away and shared preferences, contributions, and conditions for employment with Employment Specialist Eliza Hernandez. They then outlined exactly what type of work I was looking for and within a week, I started orientation and working at Pasco Processing. I received a position in the sanitation department working full time with full health benefits. My boss and supervisors say I have been a hard worker and willing to learn any new skill that comes my way.  My supervisor Miguel evensays that I am a great employee and wishes he had a handful more employees just like ME! During the COVID -19 pandemic, I have remained working full time as an essential worker supporting myself and my family.

Waymond, Foundational Community Supports Employment Client

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