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We have not let this time slow Us down

Anxiety, depression, coldness, hunger, fear, and hopelessness. These are many of the feelings that the homeless and unemployed have felt on an everyday basis. Due to COVID-19, many more can now relate to the experiences of our homeless and unemployed. Here at Compass, we have had the great opportunity to continue to serve those in need of housing and employment through our case management supports.


Compass has been able to overcome the restrictions and provide meaningful service. When speaking with a current participant in our housing program, Fred has said that he has come across people that offer help but at the same time look at him with disgust and make him feel like he is a burden. When he came to Compass, he thought it was a miracle that someone was "actually looking my way and smiling". Compass offers "genuine help" which I consider to be Saintly. Going to Compass has been life-changing for me. They have gone above and beyond and have not once judged me unworthy and have never given me that feeling. Compass has always been accepting of me and help me to believe in the fact that I am worth something. 

With everyday efforts, Compass continues to navigate through the county to gain housing and employment resources for our participants remotely. We have not let this time slow down our efforts to provide our participants with the services they deserve and need. Our daily employer contacts and resumes submitted on behalf of our clients have developed into paid employment for our participants. Participants have said that they couldn’t believe that they have finally found a job and this outcome is the best thing in a long time. They are excited to see what the next day brings.


At the SW Compass office, we believe in three things Service, Team, and Relationship. When our participants succeed we all succeed, we are a team.