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March 2023

making a difference in the community

A.J. has worked for Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue for over 3 years. He works as an office helper and is known as the guy that “does it all” around the station. A.J's supervisors all say that he is a hard-working and an important part of the fire station. A.J’s main tasks are to keep the office space clean and sanitized as well as the classroom. The classroom is where the High School student’s study to become firefighters. A.J’s direct supervisor, Dustin, states “A.J. keeps our station clean, which keeps our firefighters healthy, so that they are better able to serve the community. A.J. is a vital part of this Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue and we are happy to work with him every week.”


Recently, kindergarteners took a field trip to the station and A.J. was able to assist with the event. He oversaw showing the kids the ladder fire truck and helped them in and out of the truck. A.J. states, “Showing off the station and helping with special events is one of my favorite things about working here.” 

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