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We Need You
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Compass Career Solutions is currently hiring and applications are always welcome.


Whether you are new to the field, a Job Coach looking for valuable experience and a place to grow, or a highly experienced professional -  

We have a place for you at Compass!


Please fill out the contact form below and a Compass recruiter will be in touch with you. Thank You!


"I love working at Compass because the work we do really makes a difference and a positive impact on our community. Working with clients that are excited to learn new things, work hard and set goals for themselves is so inspiring to me. My coworkers are so supportive and are always willing to help problem-solve, plan and answer questions to help each other do the best job possible. It feels like a team environment where nobody gets left behind. 

Upper management knows our names, sees our achievement, and reaches out to us when they feel like we are struggling in order to help us and set up accommodations so we can be successful. It's a whole different kind of employment, one that cares about its employees."
– Nichole

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