kelso Success Stories

A Client's trust allows Compass

to be his guide in the right direction

I came to Compass Career Solutions in November of 2018. I heard about their employment program from my mental health counselor and decided to drop in on my way home from that appointment to see what they were all about. What I found at the Kelso office initially almost convinced me to abandon my plans. 

We have not let this time slow Us down

Anxiety, depression, coldness, hunger, fear, and hopelessness. These are many of the feelings that the homeless and unemployed have felt on an everyday basis. Due to COVID-19, many more can now relate to the experiences of our homeless and unemployed. Here at Compass, we have had the great opportunity to continue to serve those in need of housing and employment through our case management supports.



Eddie started working with Compass in March of 2018. He was one of our first clients in our FCS program. We initially spent much of our time working through the process of discovery skill assessments, as Eddie was seeking his first real job. “I tried looking for a job on my own, but it didn’t go very well,"  he said.


Compass Career Solutions  would like to introduce everyone to an amazing individual, Jeff. His story starts several years ago when he decided that he wanted more for himself and his family. Jeff got the courage to go back to school and earn his high school diploma.

Celebrating 30 Years of Continuous Employment

For over 30 years Jeff woke up bright and early to complete his shift at Cap’n Yoby’s in Kelso Washington every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Jeff’s typical day would start by meeting his job coach from Compass Career Solutions and clocking in. Jeff would then gather his cleaning materials and off he went.

Resilience in adversity

Velvet reached out to Compass for housing assistance because she and her partner were homeless, and sleeping in an alley in a borrowed camper. A variety of challenges included being evicted from their trailer, a poor rental history and past incarceration made the housing search daunting.

A place to call home

Hello, my name is Roger and this is my story. Last year was a horrible year for me and I was living in a camper that was basically unfit to live in. I remember seeing a flyer from Compass about a program that helped with Housing and Employment.


Community connections

Say hello to Ben. He has been with Compass in the Community Inclusion program for many years. Before the pandemic shut everything down, Ben would go to Porky’s Public House for a root beer and occasionally to listen to live music, which he really enjoys! Unfortunately, Ben has not been able to visit for nearly a year due to COVID-19 related restrictions.

Enjoying Lasting success

This is Monte. You may remember him from his previous appearance in this series when we discussed his accomplishment of reaching his first year employed. We are happy to say that it has been over two year and he still loves it.