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Centralia Success Stories

HOUSED And Moving Forward!

My name is Malia and this is my story. 

There was a time when I had nowhere to go and had to rely on the mercy of my friends who would offer me a couch to stay on. It is difficult to be my age and have no place to call “HOME” and there is a certain kind of defeat that you feel when faced with that fact. 

Housed and Moving forward

A job, a house & a changed life

Hi my name is Samantha and this is my story. I was struggling to pay my bills and stay sober. I was working part-time at Papa Murphy’s and in a hopeless situation, which eventually led to me sleeping in my car. I heard about a place called Compass and reached out.

A girl got help from Compass

Confidence to work and Keep Herself safe!

I always wanted to work. It didn’t matter what type of work, I just wanted to make enough money to take care of my pets and pay for the maintenance on my car. I also thought it would be good if I could make extra spending money for the Anime conventions that I like to go to.

Helped a girl find a job

A Place to call Home

Jacob came to Compass Career Solutions in June needing housing. He had been living in his car for quite some time and being homeless was really taking a toll on him. With a lot of ups and downs Compass was able to utilize the GOSH program and at the end of August, find Jacob his own apartment! 

Compass helped Jacob find a home

A home and hope for the future

Hello, my name is Tom. Things were not always as they are today.

 There were many cold nights that I would sleep in my car or shelter. I was depressed and felt hopeless. I kept to myself and was very isolated with very few supports. When I was depressed and needed someone to talk to nobody was there.

Compass helped find a home

A new Job that is a perfect fit!

Let me introduce you to Angie. She has been participating in the Employment Program with Compass Career Solutions for a few months. After going through the Discovery Process and getting to know her, the staff at  Compass helped Angie make connections with businesses in the local area. 

Found a job she loves
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