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Tri-Cities Success Stories

A man that was encouraged by compass

Employment Goals Achieved!

Danny has been with Compass since November 2018. He has had numerous temporary positions the past few years, none of which have lasted more than a month or two. In August of 2020, Danny met with his employment specialist to discuss finding a position he will enjoy and keep for more than three months. 

A job a man is proud of

A new job he loves

Julio came to Compass Career Solutions in Kennewick needing help finding a job. In the past, he had some other positions working as a dishwasher or clothes sorter but they never lasted for very long and he was discouraged because nothing worked out for him!

A home for a woman and her daughter

A Home for her and her daughter

Compass Career Solutions is proud to be a place people can come to for help. Our story today is about a woman who was referred to Compass in Kennewick after facing many different hardships but is actively working to overcome them.  

A family that has a new home

A place to call home

Wren and Jay were referred to Compass Career Solutions in November of 2021 and they were living in a camper in the middle of the winter. Since they didn’t have running water they had to use the mother's house to shower and use the restroom. 

A job that focused on man's interests

A New job that is a perfect fit!

This is Paul, today is his first day of orientation with Dick's Sporting Goods. We don't know who is more excited, Compass Staff or Paul himself! 

 Paul has been preparing for this moment for over a year and a half.


an amazing partnership!

Starting last November, Compass partnered with United Family Center with the goal of working hand-in-hand to offer wrap around services to the individuals we have in common.

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