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Spokane Success Stories

Card Making and Delivery Spokane

Community Inclusion individuals bring
joy to the community

The year of quarantine has been tough on all of us but the holiday season seemed to have an extra dark cloud for some. Our Spokane Compass Community Inclusion (CI) Team found a way to overcome the loneliness and help the people they support volunteer with a couple local charities; The Ronald McDonald House, Spokane Veterans Home, Shriners, and Catholic Charities.

A man who changed his life

From Addiction to helping others

Roberto struggled with addiction and was referred to Compass Career Solutions when he was completing treatment at Sunray Court, a men’s residential program. He also got involved with Pura Vida, a Men’s Recovery program, and began volunteering his time while exploring job opportunities through Compass.

Volunteering in the Community

Giving back to the community

The past year has been really hard for Compass Community Inclusion (CI) individuals since they have not been able to participate in community outings or volunteering like they want to. We are so excited to announce that as things are beginning to open up, Rome a Spokane CI Specialist, has been able to help some of the individuals he works with begin volunteering out in the community again!

A man who is helping others

Freedom from addiction

Caleb first contacted Compass Career Solutions, during his final week of inpatient chemical dependency treatment. He was new to recovery and had spent the last 20 years of his life homeless and struggling with addiction, but he had such a desire to change and help others in return. 

A woman who has confidence at her job

From Long-Term Unemployed
to Employment Success

Katie had been without steady employment since 2017. With the help of Compass Career Solutions, she had a few experiences working but, had not found a position that fit her employment goals.

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