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Foundational Community Supports, also known as FCS, provides targeted benefits and services for supported employment and supportive housing to individuals throughout Washington.


Supported Employment and Supportive Housing assists people with a range of support needs to participate as much as possible in the competitive labor market, working in a preferred job with the level of support and services needed to obtain and maintain competitive employment in an integrated work setting. 


Compass Career Solutions enhances the availability and accessibility of the FCS targeted benefits and services. 

Who Qualifies for FCS

Ages 16 and up as well as receiving Medicaid services in the State of Washington with one or more of the following eligibility requirements:


  • Ages 16 and up with any single Mental Health Diagnosis

  • Individuals with disabling conditions struggling to remain engaged in labor market

  • Those with an SPMI (Severe & Persistent Mental Illness)

  • Diagnosed with a long term substance use disorder or dual diagnosis

  • Long-term care recipients with complex needs

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Chronic homelessness

  • Needing assistance with a minimum of 3 ADL’S (Activities of Daily Living) or 1 hands on ADL that may require body care

  • People who have been diagnosed with a disability after the age of 18

  • Enrolled in the state housing and essential needs (HEN) or aged, blind or disabled (ABD) program

Know that FCS is a broad program designed to support those who are currently receiving Medicaid services in the state of Washington. FCS specializes in Mental illness, co-occurring disorders, substance abuse, traumatic brain injuries, students who have an IEP or 504 plan and homelessness, people who have been diagnosed with a disability after the age of 18, and those who struggle to maintain employment due to barriers such as attendance, needing assistance with ADL, or other qualifying reasons.

What this means for individuals on the DVR Waitlist

Individuals who have been placed on the DVR wait-list qualify for FCS. The targeted benefits and services that FCS provides to individuals assists with employment services until the time they are taken off the wait-list and served through DVR.

Supported Employment Services via FCS

Supported employment services assist those individuals who want to work and meet FCS criteria to become employed in integrated community employment. Activities are intended to ensure successful employment outcomes through the utilization of collateral contacts, skills training, cueing, modeling and supervision as identified by the person-centered assessment (person-centered plan).


Individualized supported employment services include: identifying career and occupational targets, developing ongoing relationships with prospective employers, assisting with the interviewing and hiring process, and, once employed, support with maintaining employment. Coaching and skill-building of interpersonal relationships in the work setting as well as education for self-advocacy and support with the American with Disabilities Act are also included.

FCS | the details

Referred to as WA State 1115 demonstration waiver, WA State Medicaid employment waiver, or Foundational community supports.


FCS provides targeted Medicaid benefits to assist eligible individuals with complex health needs obtain and maintain employment and housing.

This includes: Coaching, Advocacy, Information and referrals, Linking and coordinating Ongoing supports

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