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Olympia Success Stories

A man who has a new start
A new home for a woman

A Fresh start & a bright future

I’ve been disabled for over 8 years now and have spent most of that time in Adult Family Homes. Before that, I had developed some bad habits which led to making some serious mistakes in my past but I am so happy to have a chance at a new start!

Housed and looking forward to the future

My name is Janelle and this is my story. Before I started working with Compass, I was hospitalized and didn't know what was going to happen to me or where I would live when I got out. It was a scary time.


While I was there, Compass contacted me and said that they could help me find an apartment.

A man with a place to live because of Compass

A Place to call home

William grew up in the rural edges of Pierce County and has always enjoyed spending time in nature, out in the country. When he first met with Compass Career Solutions, he was excited about finding a home, but also weary. He thought he would have to move from his rural neighborhood into the city, away from the environment where he felt most comfortable.

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