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YAKIMA Success Stories

A man with a bright future
A man and his family who got help

Succeeding against all odds

Michael came to Compass for employment assistance in July. He is a single father who has struggled with challenges related to his mental health and substance abuse. As a result, he was referred to Compass Career Solutions by a partner agency and met with an Employment Consultant, Adalis. The two of them worked together to craft a resume and submit applications to jobs that would be a good fit for Michael.

From unemployed to A job he loves!

Andrew was unemployed and he had faced a lot of challenges finding work. Part of the problem was that he didn’t feel confident about his skills in submitting his resume and landing a job. He was at one of Compass Career Solutions partner agencies when he saw a flyer about our Employment Services.

A woman who got her first job

Gaining Confidence and landing her first job!

Annalyssa was filled with anxiety and was having a really difficult time. She started talking to her doctor about it and the doctor referred her to Compass Career Solutions for assistance.

A job a woman loves

The perfect new job

Ashlee came to Compass Career Solutions needing help finding a job. Her desire was to find something where she was working part-time and spending time with the public because she loves socializing and helping others. With those things in mind the job search began. 

A woman recommends compass

A NEW Job for Maggie

Maggie came to Compass Career Solutions for job placement services through vocational rehabilitation. We helped her build a resume, write a cover letter, and submit job applications. She was looking for a part-time position working in customer service, since she always liked working with people. 

A great staff member

A Valued Member of Compass Yakima staff!

We are celebrating the one-year hire anniversary of our Community Inclusion Specialist Makayla. She began working with Compass Career Solutions in 2021 and she came to Compass with an extensive background in caregiving and supporting elderly and Alzheimer's patients. 

An amazing staff member

going above and beyond

lizabeth began working with Compass Career Solutions as an Employment Consultant in September 2021. During this time, she has been a top performer, with a high job placement rate. She has continued to develop community partnerships, has grown professionally through external trainings, and has demonstrated tenacity during times of personal tragedies throughout this last year. 

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