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Centralia job success

A new job that is a perfect fit!

Let me introduce you to Angie. She has been participating in the Employment Program with Compass Career Solutions for a few months. After going through the Discovery Process and getting to know her, the staff at  Compass helped Angie make connections with businesses in the local area. Then they matched her personality and work ethic to a certain job description at Walmart, which was Angie’s first choice for a place to work. 

As soon as Angie started working with Compass staff, she told them she was interested in organizing carts at Walmart so that she could be outside and also interact with people who were leaving the shopping center. Since she is such an outgoing and bright ray of sunshine, this was also perfect for Walmart to have someone who was bubbly and charismatic at their store. 

When managers met Angie, they immediately knew she would be perfect for the job. Since she was so eager to work, they put her on the schedule and accommodated her in any way she needed to make her transition go smoothly. With the support of Compass and communication between Walmart and her Job Coach, Angie continues to be successful at being a cart attendant. She loves her job and looks forward to her well-deserved paycheck every two weeks. “I am so proud of myself”, Angie said. Compass and everyone in her life are proud of her as well. 

“I just love her in the mornings, she is like a bright ray of sunshine!” – Quote from Angie's manager

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