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A man who was able to get gifts for his kids


A Changed life And a bright future

On December 6th, 2019, Danny completed substance abuse treatment with the determination he would stay clean, become a better person and that he and his family would never sleep in their car again! In January of 2020, he met with Silvie, Program Director at Compass, and completed an intake for the WorkFirst Community Jobs Program. He helped him with his goals for employment and sent him to Community Services of Moses Lake where he met the Director of the Food Bank and started working. Danny was hired permanently within two months and is currently the lead Warehouse person. He oversees the daily operations, including managing daily volunteers, community service volunteers and deciding what food to hand out.

“My family and I are so thankful this will be the first Christmas we have had in 5 years that we get to spoil our children. I have been able to pay our bills, we have a place to live, two cars, and are saving to purchase our first home. I am also taking a welding class at the local college. Our family's future is brighter than it has ever been!"

- Danny Compass client

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