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A man who loves his new job


Justin loves his first job!

Justin came to Compass excited to find his first job.  For several months he worked with his Employment Specialist, Angela, to get him ready for his new job. They worked on preparing for the interview and how to talk to employers. Then they went out into the community to practice the skills that Justin had learned. Through trial and error, he was able to build the confidence that he needed. 

In September, Justin was offered a position with ABM Janitorial where he would be cleaning an entire parking garage in downtown Vancouver! Though this was not an easy job, but Justin worked hard and and persevered, and was able to learn how to do the job independently. He has been there for six months now and says, “I like everything about my job, just everything!”

Justin loves working so much that he is currently on the job hunt again for another position that would allow him to work even more hours. He also wants to learn more new skills and to build relationships in the community. “I am excited to meet new people at a new job,” Justin says.

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