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A family has a new home

A place to call home

Wren and Jay were referred to Compass Career Solutions in November of 2021 and they were living in a camper in the middle of the winter. Since they didn’t have running water they had to use the mother's house to shower and use the restroom. They eventually moved, with their one year old son, into Richland where they lived in an apartment with a single Mom and 6 special needs children.


Wren and Jay faced all the barriers presented to them and persevered through them all. On multiple occasions they wanted to give up but Compass was able to help them with speaking to landlords and the local Housing Resource Center to make sure they were treated fairly. And they were finally able to move into an apartment in April. Their son, Crow, was very excited to have his own room.


Jay has multiple medical issues that can be handled more effectively now that they have their own space and are not couch surfing. Compass also helped Wren secure full-time employment and this family has a place to call home after months of rejection!

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