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Compass helped man find a job


Happy to Be working!

In 2004 Compass assisted Larry in getting a position as a janitor at OfficeMax. When OfficeMax was bought out by Office Depot, Larry was able to transfer with several of his coworkers and continue working for the company that he had grown to love. Sadly in 2020, after 16 years of working there the store closed their doors for good and Larry and all of his coworkers were out of work.


Instead of retiring, Larry asked Compass to assist him in Job Developing to get him into a new position. After several applications, in person meetings, and practice interviews with Compass Career Solutions Staff at different locations around the community, Larry had an interview at Adams Place for a janitorial position. With the assistance of Compass Staff Larry had a wonderful interview and was offered a job in October 2021.


Larry quickly made friends with his coworkers and was accepted into the Adams Place work environment. They even gave him his own coffee mug on the first day of work. Larry enjoys getting to work a little early so he can have a cup of coffee before every shift and he always makes sure he brings his “work cup” with him.

Larry tells us “I am happy that Compass helped me find a new job and get back to work.”

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