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A woman with a new home


Housed & Moving Forward

My name is Malia and this is my story. 

There was a time when I had nowhere to go and had to rely on the mercy of my friends who would offer me a couch to stay on. It is difficult to be my age and have no place to call “HOME” and there is a certain kind of defeat that you feel when faced with that fact. 

A long-time friend suggested that I go to Compass and sign up for services. Compass was supportive of my quest to find housing where I would be safe. It was only a few months before my name came up on one of the lists. The only catch was, it was a 62 and older home and I was not quite 62. Compass went to the management and advocated for me and I was approved to move in! 

After moving in I have utilized Compass retention services to go to doctor appointments, pick up prescriptions, and get to the bank and store. They have been so helpful to me, when I meet someone who is struggling, I think of Compass and tell them about their services. I have even enrolled in Employment services at Compass hoping to become even more self-sufficient. Today, I have my own place and someone that cares that I get to appointments. I have groceries and they even care that my cat has food. 

Everybody deserves housing and the ability to feel safe. You do not have to do it alone. Compass can help you. Give them a call! 

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