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A man got a job and a new home


enjoying lasting success

This is Monte. You may remember him from his previous appearance in this series when we discussed his accomplishment of reaching his first year employed. We are happy to say that it has been over two year and he still loves it.  

This time, I want to tell you about his efforts to find and maintain housing. Monte was on the Section 8 waiting list for quite some time, and when his number finally came up we faced some challenges in getting property management companies to work with him, since he didn’t have much rental history that wasn’t from family and he hadn’t had enough employment history. Nonetheless, Monte was engaged and remained positive throughout the search and developed a relationship with Catlin Properties, to the point that their office would contact him when something that worked with his voucher was listed. 

Monte secured a one bedroom apartment after a few months of searching and has successfully maintained his housing without missing a beat. He’ll tell you he couldn’t have done it without help from Compass, but his persistence and willingness to step out of his comfort zone played a large part in his success. 

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