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Work ready


Becoming a Valued Member of the team

Nick started with Compass in 2018 in the Community Inclusion program. At the time, he wasn't sure what his employment future looked like. In 2019, Compass Employment Specialists completed a Discovery assessment to determine what Nick's skills, interests, and learning opportunities were. From there, Compass supported Nick to gain volunteer experience at the library and Grocery Outlet. Nick showed himself to be a fast learner, reliable, and motivated.


In June, 2021, Nick completed a working interview at ABM as a Coffee Attendant. Through the working interview, he showed that he was able to learn quickly and get the job done!


Now Nick is working successfully as a Coffee Attendant on the campus of a major athletic apparel company. He keeps the several office kitchens in various buildings cleaned, sanitized, and stocked. It's also his job to keep the coffee flowing! Nick loves being a valued member of the team!

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