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Man is thankful for Compass help


A new job and a place to live!

After some difficult life experiences, Richard struggled with finding a place to live and work. Thanks to Compass Career Solutions, he is now thriving in his job at Goodwill and is enjoying the community at the house where he rents a room. Richard and Compass worked together to help write a new, better chapter for him, and he is very thankful for their help!


“At first I was wary,” Richard says. “I didn’t know what to expect. However, the staff at Compass helped me feel at ease and I was able to relax. We immediately got started looking for work, and that was successful in a very short period of time. After that, we found housing in less than a month! The staff at Compass are very friendly and very helpful. I would recommend them to anybody that needs any kind of help.”


Richard’s housing placement which happened within a month was supported by a newly added feature to our services at Compass. It’s called the Transition Assistance Program, or TAP which provides financial support services to assist individuals with move in costs, 1st month rent, deposits, and more!

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