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A job of his dreams for a man


the job of his dreams

Shane has been looking for employment for the last 20 years, since he left his last job. He has dreamed of working with animals, specifically fish and was focused on finding a position in a pet store where he would be able to work near animals. In January 2022, with the help of Compass Career Solutions, Shane found a position with The Pet Works, a local pet store, stocking shelves, cleaning the store, and filling bags of shavings for resale. His goal was to work in the fish department, but he was happy for now just working in a pet store and being near animals that he enjoys. 


In February 2022, Compass assisted Shane with talking to the owner of The Pet Works to see if there might be an opportunity to work in the fish department. After learning of Shane's knowledge of fish and his passion for working with them, The Pet Works changed his job duties to include cleaning fish tanks for part of his work week. Shane thanked Compass for not giving up on him and helping him accomplish his dreams!

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