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Vancouver success story

A Place to call home!

I was taking care of my mom for a long time and spent most days with her but I was exhausted and going through a lot of mental health struggles. I ended up going to the hospital and was there for almost 7 months, not knowing where I would end up. I didn’t see any friends or family while I was there. I was so lonely and scared, feeling so on my own. I was eventually discharged to an Adult Family Home, hoping to work on my healing and find a way to get back my independence. 


I was so excited when Compass Career Solutions called to work with me. We worked together regularly, but went at the pace I needed at the time. Right after finding a place to live, I broke my foot and was so nervous that it would stop me from being able to live on my own. But Compass was patient and helped me get through that hiccup. They supported me through every bump in the road that came and got me through it so I could live on my own again and experience freedom. 


Now I am in my own apartment that I am so comfortable to be in, it is very beautiful and is a place for me to rest my body and continue working on healing. I always say to people that angels came to help me out. I am so thankful for Compass!

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