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Volunteers in the community


Giving back to the community

The past year has been really hard for Compass Community Inclusion (CI) individuals since they have not been able to participate in community outings or volunteering like they want to. We are so excited to announce that as things are beginning to open up, Rome a Spokane CI Specialist, has been able to help some of the individuals he works with begin volunteering out in the community again!

One of them started volunteering at MultiCare Deaconess 2 days a week, stocking shelves in the warehouse. Another individual was able to return to volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank. Not only did he help with sorting food he was also able to visit with friends he had not seen in a year! A third individual Rome works with has been working with Meals on Wheels once a week delivering meals to seniors in the Spokane area.

We want to thank the individuals we support in CI for being willing to volunteer and for all of their hard work in the community. We appreciate you all!

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