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A woman who got her first job


Gaining Confidence and landing her first job!

Annalyssa was filled with anxiety and was having a really difficult time. She started talking to her doctor about it and the doctor referred her to Compass Career Solutions for assistance.


One of the ways Compass staff was able to help her was that everyone she worked with encouraged her and made her feel more confident as a person. At first when she went to interviews, she kept getting turned down, but kept her spirts up because of the support of Compass. Adalis, her Employment Consultant, would regularly call and check on her and continued to encourage her apply at the jobs she thought fit her the best.


Annalyssa really buckled down and got serious with her job search by going out and getting her food handlers card, even though she didn’t have a job yet. She wanted to have the best chance possible. Her hard work finally paid off and she got a part-time position as a cashier at Walmart.


Adalis, her Employment Consultant says, “Annalyssa is great to work with, she always asks me what she needs to do, she asks me for advice or assistance, and she made sure to keep me informed of all potential interviews and how those interviews went.”


Now that Annalyssa has found her first job and is working on her GED, Adalis continues to remind her that if she needs anything to give her a call and Compass will find a way to assist her.

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