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Fast Track to Employment

Success Story

Cole had been unemployed and seeking stable employment since 2020. Due to the pandemic and his area of work, he was left unemployed without many options for employment. After connecting with the Fast Track team in December of 2022, Cole received two full-time job offers in January 2023 and accepted a high paying position; 63,000 annually, as a garage door technician. Cole expressed how much this impacted his life by helping him to catch up financially and stabilizing his family's housing.

Interested but not sure where to start? 

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Fast Track to Employment is a new employment service that includes one-on-one support to TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and SNAP recipients to help quickly place them in competitive jobs in the fields they are interested in. Implementing the IPS (Individualized Placement and Supports) approach, services are provided without time limitations, include benefits counseling, and focus on the goals and wants of the participant in regards to their desired employment. Participants in this program will be assigned an Employment Specialist and Care Manager who will provide wrap-around support, in addition to specialized employment support.

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Who Qualifies for Fast Track:


All TANF recipients and SNAP recipients (ages 18 to 50) who meet the following criteria can be considered for the program:

· Receive TANF or are SNAP and are not exempt from work

· Currently work less than full-time (35 hours or less)

· No documented or diagnosed serious mental illness or SUD (FCS eligible clients)

· Interested in receiving IPS services

Each client that is referred and meets these requirements will have a fifty percent chance of having the opportunity to enroll in services due to there being a limited number of spots available in the program. This randomization process is conducted by the Research Coordinator who receives all the initial program referrals. Those not enrolled will be provided a list of alternative employment support services in the area.


Contact Information:

For further information about enrolling in the Fast Track to Employment program, you may send an email to or contact the Research Coordinator, Ava Thompson, at 509-270-8201.


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