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2 men enjoying a root beer

Community Connections

Say hello to Ben. He has been with Compass in the Community Inclusion program for many years. Before the pandemic shut everything down, Ben would go to Porky’s Public House for a root beer and occasionally to listen to live music, which he really enjoys! Unfortunately, Ben has not been able to visit for nearly a year due to COVID-19 related restrictions. Compass has been able to help Ben maintain his relationship with the crew at Porky’s by having Doug, the owner, and some of his staff record a video for Ben showing him around the renovated space and wishing him well. Doug even sent along a bottle of Ben’s favorite root beer as a gift.

Just this month, Ben has been able to access the community in some of the ways he would previously, including a trip to Porky’s (he is pictured here with Doug). Everybody was happy to see him again and he sure seemed to enjoy being back. Live shows haven’t started up again just yet, but when they do, you can be sure Ben will be there! 

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