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A man and woman with new hope


Freedom from addiction!

Caleb first contacted Compass Career Solutions, during his final week of inpatient chemical dependency treatment. He was new to recovery and had spent the last 20 years of his life homeless and struggling with addiction, but he had such a desire to change and help others in return. After he left treatment, Compass was able to assist Caleb in finding a new home.

Caleb continued to work diligently with his Employment Specialist, Serena, to find his ultimate career goals. He started working for Goodwill but wanted to do more to help others. During this time, Caleb told Serena he wanted to be a Peer mentor, where he could use his life experience to help steer others away from homelessness and addiction. They worked to develop a plan for Caleb to meet his career goal and in no time, they had a resume ready and were applying for Peer mentoring programs.

Caleb was very driven and always had a positive attitude, but due to COVID, Serena and Caleb had a hard time finding a class for him. Finally, in April through another agency he was able to do the Peer Counseling course. By the end of April, Caleb informed Serena he had gotten a position with Spokane Detox Center as a Behavior Health Tech/Peer Mentor!

Caleb has worked hard on making contacts and getting involved in the recovery community and with the help of Compass has found his true path in helping others gain freedom from addiction. Caleb stated, “Now at 41, I have found and still am finding true freedom in recovery.”

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