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The Compass team helped a man move

SW Washington Counties Work Together

James had been homeless for so many years that it started becoming normal to him. As he traveled through town he could point out the places where he would lay his head at night. He had accepted that this was how his life was going to be. 

James was referred to Compass Career Solutions under the GOSH program (Governor’s Opportunity for Supportive Housing) to pursue Supportive Housing services and find permanent housing. Not only was Compass there to help him find housing, they also prepared him to be successful by helping him access community resources and healthcare. 

As time went by, James kept falling back into bad habits and hanging out with the wrong people. He just wished that he could start all over. Compass asked him, “What if we could help you start over? What if we could help move you to another county, would you want that?” James was thrilled at the possibility! That’s when the Cowlitz county Compass team brought in the Clark county Compass team to review James’ potential to succeed in permanent housing. 

After two short weeks Angelina, a Compass Supported Housing Case Manager, was able to get James approved for a 1 bedroom apartment in Clark County. After all the inspections, approvals and setting up the apartment with necessities, James was able to move in and have a place to call home!

James told Karyn, the Compass Area Director, “Thank you for all the supports, I know that I was a pain and down on my luck and took it out on the team, but you stood by me and believed in me when I didn’t. I have never felt so safe or slept so good in my life. There is no way I could ever show how grateful I am to the Compass team.“

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