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A job that boosted her confidence


From Long-Term Unemployed to Employment Success

Katie had been without steady employment since 2017. With the help of Compass Career Solutions, she had a few experiences working but, had not found a position that fit her employment goals. Never one to give up, Katie obtained part-time employment at SNAP Fitness in April of 2022, and has thrived in her position as a gym custodian.

Katie initially began working 2 days a week, and enjoyed her job so much that within a month, she requested an additional day per week. That one additional day soon became 2 additional days, and Katie now enjoys a busy 4-day work week.  Katie has been such a valued employee, that she now works at 2 SNAP Fitness locations in Spokane!

Katie has reaped the health benefits of working hard, and has lost 20 pounds since starting at SNAP Fitness. She enjoys the perks available through employment, often utilizing her employee gym membership to work out in her free time. Katie has consistently showed up to work with a positive attitude, to the point where she often needs to be reminded when her shift is completed, due to being thorough, focused and taking pride in her job!

Katie has taken responsibility for her schedule, independently ensuring that she has transportation to work, communicating with her staff and employment specialists at Compass. She is an avid gamer, and recently was able to purchase a Nintendo Switch with her earnings. Her positive attitude has been noticed and embraced by the gym owners and patrons, and she approaches new tasks enthusiastically. Katie refused to become frustrated, and through her persistence, is a true Compass Career Solutions success story.    

“My experience with Compass has boosted my confidence and given me the opportunity to earn money at a job I enjoy. My job coaches Sean, Dawnyia, and Larissa have supported me the entire time. I love my job and making money in the community.”


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