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A home for a woman and her daughter


A Home for her and her daughter!

Compass Career Solutions is proud to be a place people can come to for help. Our story today is about a woman who was referred to Compass in Kennewick after facing many different hardships but is actively working to overcome them.  


Through her persistent hard work and her support from case management at Compass she has been able to secure housing for her and her daughter and they are thriving! She is demonstrating that despite the challenges she is facing, she can and is getting back on her feet. The courage and determination to keep moving forward to better her situation has been remarkable to witness and be a part of!


In her own words: “Since the start of the pandemic I have struggled with finding stable housing and that’s hard on its own. And then my daughter came and as a parent you just want to give them the best. When I first started working with Compass, I had been couching surfing for over a year. I wasn’t sure they would be able to help, but they have been so kind and understanding. I finally feel hopeful that my daughter and I have some stability. It has been an absolute honor to work with Compass.” 

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