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A new home for the holidays


A New home & a bright future

Compass began working with Nancy in October 2020, while she was living in a dilapidated apartment complex with dark and unfriendly hallways, aging appliances and a decaying structure. Although the apartment was always at full capacity, it lacked a sense of community and vibrancy. Under the weight of this oppressive environment, she could feel her mental and physical health slowly withering away.

Fast-forward one month later and Compass is helping Nancy sign a lease at a newly constructed complex. Her 2-bedroom apartment is handicap accessible, with freshly painted walls, and brand-new appliances. The amenities of her complex include a yoga studio, swimming pool, and TV room. In contrast to the isolating effects of her previous residence, she can now enjoy taking walks or joining one of the many clubs organized and attended by her new neighbors. The possibilities appear endless.   

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